Our products

We create Lemon Pairings. Pairings of lemon with lavender, coconut, ricotta, basil, marscapone, fennel, rosemary and ginger.

We produce these pairings into delicious delicacies. Cookies, tarts, bars, loafs, cakes, marinades, sugars, marmalades, salts.

Perfect for gift giving, or my favourite,"to Taya, from Taya', gift giving to yourself.

Our Philosophy
I know that developing a menu is like a science. I know because I used to have a client who shared all the glories with me. Pick your staple ingredients and find as many ways to use up all of the ingredients as possible, leaving no or little waste behind. I was never really very good at science. I understand the principles but it's not that much fun.

Of course, we must incorporate some of the economies (I did like economics) and I love the no waste mantra but our philosophy is to make what feels right and focus on the flavour. Sweet or savoury. Sometimes it's the sound of ingredients together like lemon and coconut. Or sometimes it's what a friend has said in passing "wouldn't basil be good". The point is we are experimental and will likely make some mistakes along the way (lemon and fried eggs for example) but it's those that get you to the really, really good.

All our ingredients are bought on the Sunshine Coast to support our local community. The lemons themselves are California Organics and used in very generous amounts (indulgent but worth it!)

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