Our story, so far

For the people who know me, it's kind of a no brainer. "Oh but of course" they say. "Of course Taya on her year off would start a little business. And of course, it would have something to do with the kitchen".

Prior to this beloved year, I envisioned our family living in Florence for my mat leave (yes new Mom's, laugh here). However life had us stay put and stay put we did here on the Sunshine Coast. However though did I make the leap from the Uffizi to lemons?

I am most happy when I am creating. I suppose that's why my profession took me into the Advertising business in the first place. This isn't a story about how I was fed up with work and looked for something else. I love my work but I am on maternity leave and quite simply was looking for something to do (again, new Mom's laugh here). I was craving enterprise (like one does if you're Taya Hawes). I thought about what I could do, what I like to do, what I would have time for within my four walls, something no pressure and would allow me to enjoy time with my son. The conclusion was to be a vendor at our local Farmer's Market. I wanted to build our offering around a single focus. Sure there were lots of prepared food stands. BC is full of them but very few focusses on one common ingredient. I chose lemons. Turns out no one has chosen lemons, no one in the gosh darn whole world for that matter. So here I am venturing into the land of delicacy creation. The name Laughing Lemon made my Mum, well... laugh. I figured it might make others too. This is our story, so far.