Why buy handmade

Appreciation + Relationships + Transparency + Taste + They will love you for it

Another word we wanted to add to this was savour. Let's face it, making things by hand takes time. Lots of it. When time is precious as it is today you can't help but appreciate the fruits of labour that makes things taste that much better. Not just to do it, but to do it right. The most precious gifts in the world are those that are handmade with love.

Some tell me making each delicacy by hand can't possibly be profitable. I say, it all has to do with how you look at it. First, define the word profit. My time spent making everything has been fun, I've learned a lot and I get to be true to my passions. It's brought laughter to our home and not to mention a beautiful scent! All that and I get to meet some amazing people along the way. So who says that's not profitable?

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